About ND& Communication

ND& Communication is registered in Denmark with CVR number DK-42413267.

Nienke D. Nijenhuis is owner of ND& Communication and can be contacted through contact@ndncommunication.com and the website www.ndncommunication.com/

Personal data collection

Contact form (WPForms lite)
ND& Communication saves the details transferred through the contact form for six months and use this information for customer service purposes. ND& Communication does not share this information with third parties.

Google Analytics (MonsterInsights)
ND& Communication uses Google Analytics to get insights into the visitors to this website. Advanced data collection is, however, disabled.


This website uses the following cookies for WordPress and WordPress plugins: FameTheme, MonsterInsights google analytics, Limit login attempts reloaded, Wordfence security, Cookie Notice for GDPR / CCPA by Digital Factory and WPForms lite.

Cookie Notice by Hu-manity.co

ND& Communication uses the Cookie Notice freeware for this website. The notice reads as follows:

“We believe your data is your property and support your right to privacy and transparency. Select a Data Access Level and Duration to choose how we use and share your data.

Silver: Highest level of privacy. Data accessed for necessary basic operations only. Data shared with 3rd parties to ensure the site is secure and works on your device

Gold: Balanced experience. Data accessed for content personalization and site optimisation. Data shared with 3rd parties may be used to track you and store your preferences for this site.

Platinum: Highest level of personalization. Data accessed to make advertisements and media more relevant. Data shared with 3rd parties may be used to track you on this site and other sites you visit.”

You can use toggles to specify your data sharing purposes for this website, such as basic operations, content personalization, site optimization and advertisement personalization. In addition, you might want to view your consent record, and the list of 3rd parties blocked and allowed based on your settings.

Remember: your data is your property.


This website uses MonsterInsights for analytics tracking, in particular demographics and interest reports for remarketing and advertising. Please visit their privacy policy for more information: https://www.monsterinsights.com/privacy-policy/

Please decline analytics tracking if you want to opt out.

This website is hosted by a Danish webhosting company and as such is compliant with European data protection standards. Nordicway, the host of this domain, collects anonymous analytics data in order to perform their duties as a provider. Read more, in Danish: https://nordicway.dk/databehandleraftale/

Other than cookies and basic analytics, ND& Communication does not share personal data with anyone. By default WordPress does not share any personal data with anyone.

Retaining your data

ND& Communication retains your personal data collected or processed by this website for a limited period of time, as a website visitor you can indicate in the cookie setting pop-up the period of time your data will be retained.

Protection of your data

This website is hosted on a SSL-secure domain and uses the Word-fence plugin to support further protection of the website. This plugin serves as an internal reporting system in case of data breaches. ND& Communication does not use your personal data for automated decision making services and alike.

Contact information

Please contact ND& Communication in the case of privacy-specific questions or concerns at contact@ndncommunication.com.