Pleased to meet you, my name is Nienke Nijenhuis. I was born in the Netherlands, but I have lived in Vejle, Denmark, since 2019.

I am an experienced communication professional with a passion for science and technology. My strengths are in strategic thinking, empathy and activation: I am inquisitive and eager to learn. My international experience enables me to take another perspective.

Building strong relationships is key to getting the work done. I motivate a team by making the first move.

I’m keen to build meaningful connections between technology and society. On one hand, I want to enable people using technology to help solve collective problems, and on the other hand, I would like to provide technologists with a social context.

Work experience

I worked for more than 12 years in different communication roles at the University of Twente (a university of technology), Enschede, The Netherlands. In 2020 I worked in the role of marketing coordinator at Vetaphone A/S, Kolding, Denmark. Read more about my work experience and received recommendations on my LinkedIn profile or check my previous work experience portfolio


I hold a post graduate degree Senior Communication Advisor, SRM, Amsterdam, accredited by the Dutch Association of Communication (2017). In addition, I hold a Master of Science degree Communication Studies, University of Twente (2004).

My membership of the Danish labour union “Kommunikation og Sprog” helps me to keep track of the latest insights in professional communication.